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Family Physician

The Family Doctor is a General Medical Clinic in Pune established with the aim of providing quality healthcare services for the people. Our healthcare professionals strive to deliver clinical services at the doorstep of the people to ensure their utmost convenience. We offer a wide variety of treatments for various conditions, non-surgical healthcare services and expert opinions to people for effective medical intervention. We also offer specialized healthcare packages to the people in our endeavour to provide affordable healthcare to the general population.

Our Family Physicians comprise a team of highly experienced specialists in family medicine. They provide a range of non-surgical healthcare services including consultations and second opinions to individuals seeking medical intervention. Our general physicians are trained to carry out various medical procedures for the diagnosis and management of patients with severe and acute illnesses. Serious or unusual medical problems are continuously monitored until they have been controlled or treated. Healthcare through preventive care and the promotion of good health are also ardently practised and propagated by our physicians.

The family doctor provides you with comprehensive and personalized primary healthcare. Your entire medical history is available to our physicians through Electronic Medical Records. They are well supported by qualified nurses and a fully equipped medical treatment room. Diagnostic services and pharmacy are available under the same roof to speed up the treatment process. With over 10 years of experience, our family physicians provide you with exemplary healthcare and treatment.

We are staffed with some of the most experienced and well-trained specialist physicians in Pune who provide an all-around and personalized primary healthcare. Our team offers an accurate diagnosis and superlative treatment for a wide range of conditions including dengue, chikungunya, thyroid, diabetes, fever, respiratory diseases, skin problems, nutritional deficiencies and much more. They emphasise on preventive healthcare and evidence-based treatment with strict adherence to international protocols. With the help of the Electronic Medical Records, which lists the detailed medical history of the patients, and a dedicated team of qualified nurses and latest facilities, our team of physicians follow a patient-first philosophy in the course of their service.