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Shruti Patil is one of the best dietitians for weight-loss and weight-gain in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Online diet consultation is provided for services like Weight loss, Weight gain, Cholesterol management, Diabetes management .

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Shrti Patil Health Total - an eminent name in the dietitian and wellness industry. We have been rendering our services to people though various health .

How a FODMAP Trained Dietitian Can Help

The low FODMAP diet is complex and can be confusing, which means it can take a while to get your head around the diet. Luckily for us there are FODMAP trained dietitians who can help us transition onto the diet, with fewer hiccups.Always remember that the low FODMAP diet is a specialised area of nutrition, therefore, if possible, it is important for you to seek help from a FODMAP trained dietitian (1 2). The low FODMAP diet has been designed to help reduce the gastrointestinal symptoms present in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This means the low FODMAP diet is not appropriate for healthy individuals who do not suffer from gastrointestinal issues.

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